Algonquin Land Claim

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Maps, Background & Presentations


All maps are provided as a downloadable PDF.

Background Information

Read the Algonquin Land Claim Agreement-in-Principle.

Fact Sheet

Public Land and Water Transfers - What do non-Algonquins stand to lose?
This is what we know based on the Agreement in Principle (AIP):

Public land will become private land. Non-Algonquins are going to lose the use of at least 117,500 acres of public land in the Algonquin Land Claim area. There are 200 parcels of Crown land ranging in size from a few acres to more than 30,000 acres that will no longer be available to the public.

Public lakes will become private lakes. The beds of waterbodies wholly contained within settlement lands and large sections of rivers and streams crossing settlement lands may become private. In most cases, public access to these waters will not be guaranteed.

MNR-stocked lakes will become private lakes. A number of lakes wholly within the land transfers have been stocked with Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Splake for public fishing. Anglers and hunters pay for fish stocking through licence fees (the Special Purposes Account) and have done so with the understanding that stocked lakes would be available for public use.

Download the fact sheet.

Download Presentations

Below are copies of the presentations in PDF format for the Algonquin Land Claim meetings

John Winters Presentation

Filmed Saturday, March 16th 2013 as part of 85th OFAH Annual General Meeting and Fish & Wildlife Conference.